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Atomic buckling of silicene measured by AFM
R. Pawlak, C. Drechsel, P. D’Astolfo, M. Kisiel, E. Meyer, J. I. Cerda. Quantitative determination of atomic buckling of silicene by atomic force microscopy. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , 117, 228-237 (2020). ▸ read
Mechanics of a single carbon-carbon bond
R. Pawlak, J.G. Vilhena, P. D'Astolfo, X. Liu, G. Prampolini, T. Meier, T. Glatzel, J.A. Lemkul, R. Haner, S. Decurtins, A. Baratoff, R. Perez, S.-X. Liu, E. Meyer. Sequential Bending And Twisting Around CC Single Bonds by Mechanical Lifting of a Pre-Adsorbed Polymer. Nano Lett. , 20, 652-657 (2020). ▸ read
Nanobones : Unveiling the skeleton
R. Pawlak
In press. ▸ read
Every atoms matter
S. Freund, R. Pawlak, L. Moser, A. Hinaut, R. Steiner, N. Marinakis, E. C. Constable, E. Meyer, C.E. Housecroft and Th. Glatzel Transoid-to-Cisoid Conformation Changes of Single Molecules on Surfaces Triggered by Metal Coordination. ACS Nano., 3(10), 12851-12856 (2018). ▸ read
How to win the first international nanocar race
R. Pawlak, T. Meier, N. Renaud, M. Kisiel, A. Hinaut, T. Glatzel, D. Sordes, C. Durand, W.-H. Soe, A. Baratoff, C. Joachim, C. E. Housecroft, E. C. Constable and Ernst Meyer. Design and Characterization of an Electrically Powered Single Molecule. ACS Nano , 11, 9930-9940 (2017). ▸ read
Pulling biomolecules with an atomic force microscope (AFM)
R. Pawlak, J.G. Vilhena, A. Hinaut, T. Meier, Th. Glatzel, A. Baratoff, E. Gnecco, R. Perez and E. Meyer. Conformations and cryo-force spectroscopy of spray-deposited single-strand DNA on gold. Nat. Comm., 10, 685 (2019). ▸ read
Elucidating molecule structure
A.Hinaut, T. Meier, R. Pawlak, S. Freund, R. Jöhr, S. Kawai, T. Glatzel, S. Decurtins, K. Müllen, A. Narita, S.-X. Liu and E. Meyer. Electrospray deposition of structurally complex molecules revealed by atomic force microscopy. Nanoscale, 10(3), 1337-1344 (2018). ▸ read
Single Molecule Tribology : the art of sliding molecules
R. Pawlak, W. Ouyang, A. E. Filippov, L. Kalikhman-Razvozov, S. Kawai, T. Glatzel, E. Gnecco, A. Baratoff , Q.-S. Zheng, O. Hod, M. Urbakh, E. Meyer. ACS Nano, 10, 713-722 (2016). ▸ read
Dr. Rémy Pawlak
Department of Physics
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Find here pictures, experimental images or 3D-rendered illustrations made in Blender for scientific publications, press releases or simply fun. Please ask permissions for reuse.

Picture of the low temperature STM/AFM microscope (group of Prof. Ernst Meyer, UNiversity of Basel) where all our data are acquired!

Image sent to the 2017 SNSF Scientific Image Competition.
Illustration of the silicene atomic buckling on Ag(111).

The image is produced in Blender using computed atom coordinates published in PNAS.
Atomic resolution at 4.5 K of the Au(111) herringbone reconstruction by scanning tunnneling microscopy (STM).
Blender illustration of a single-molecule manipulation experiments to explore friction.

The work is published in ACS Nano .
Experimental AFM image of the "nanobone" molecules on Ag(111).

Image used by the Swiss Nanoscience Institute for the annual report 2017..
Blender illustration of the twisting and bending of a polymeric chain during AFM pulling.

The work is published in Nano Letters.
STM Overview image of the few molecules on the Au(111) surface.
AFM image of the "Swiss Nano Dragster" on Au(111), molecule that won the first international nanocar race (published here).
Blender illustration of two Cu-porphyrins adsorbed on rutile TiO2., which their charge states can be switched by tip-induced translations.

The work is published in J. Phys. Chem. C.
STM images of Cu-porphyrins on rutile TiO2. Each diots is a singel hydroxyl (-OH) group. Molecules appear bright or dark depending on their charge state.

The work is published in J. Phys. Chem. C.
AFM image of self-assembled hexabenzocorone molecules spray-deposited on Au(111). The zig-zag pattern are long alkyl chains attached to the molecule periphery.
The work is published in Nanoscale .
Experimental AFM image of a superconducting Fe chain on Pb(110) having Majorana zero modes at its ends.

The work is published in npj Quantum Information .